base paper for ieee projects, IEEE project titles 2012-2013 - DSP Projects

Embedded System / Electronics / Hardware Projects using
# Embedded Projects using Atmel Microcontrollers (Atmel 89c51/52, Keil C / Assembly, VB)
# Embedded Projects using ARM (ARM 7 / keil / VB)
# Embedded Projects using VLSI FPGA Spartan Processors (Spartan3 FPGA Kit / Xilinx ISE / Xilinx EDK)
# Embedded Projects using PIC Microcontrollers (PIC16F877 / MPLAB / PICC / VB)
# VLSI Projects using Spartan3 FPGA Kit (Spartan3AN FPGA Kit / Xilinx ISE / Xilinx EDK)
# DSP Projects using AD-BlackFin Processors (BF531 / Visual DSP++)
# Power Electronics Projects using Microcontroller with Matlab Simulation

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