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Microteknik is sole manufacturer of TEKNIK brand instruments since 1972 & registered as small scale Industrial unit. Our specialization in the manufacture and export of superior quality and creatively designed Medical Equipments. We are Manufacturer and exporters of Analytical Instruments and have been a source of lab equipment and instruments. Our instruments have been widely acclaimed due to quality & accuracy.
Our Product Range includes but not limited to:-
• Visual Equipments (Projectors)
• Microtomy Equipments
• Microscopy Equipments
• Clean Air System
• Heat & refrigeration System
• General Laboratory Equipment
• Pharmaceutical Equipments
• Pharmacology Equipment
• Blood Banking
• Electronic Analytical Measurements
Drugs Manufacturer, Hospitals, Pharmacologists, Pharmacy Colleges, Medical Colleges, Schools etc.
Microteknik’s other feature product include Heart & Refrigeration, Lypholizer, Slide Projector, Magnetic Stirrer, Mortuary Chamber & various industry related custom equipment instruments.
For more details / order / enquiry please contact us at +91 98960 44855 or email us at, microteknik@gmail.comor Visit us at

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